The Inescapable Andy Warhol

Abbeville’s Warhol

Warhol at the Met. Warhol at Sephora. Warhol on Campbell’s soup cans at Target. It’s been fifty years since Andy Warhol calmly revolutionized the American art scene, and suddenly he’s everywhere again.

But did he ever really leave us? He said that “in the future, everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes,” but his own fame never slackened during his career and, since his death, has only solidified into fact. Every artist working today works in his shadow. His irony is our irony. You could argue that that quote is the most famous quote of the past fifty years.

He seems to be like blue jeans: having come into style once, he’ll never go out again. Or he’s like the subjects of his art: famous for being famous for being famous for…

Still, he goes through phases (just as jeans do: bell bottoms, “distressed,” etc.) and we’re undoubtedly in the midst of a miniature Warhol revival. Here at Abbeville, we’re taking the opportunity to release the e-book edition of Carter Ratcliff’s classic Warhol, from our Modern Masters series.

The images have lost none of their fascination and Ratcliff’s commentary remains as sharp and relevant as the master himself. Next week we’ll be featuring a special interview with Ratcliff that includes his thoughts on the current Warholmania.

We’d love to hear our readers’ thoughts, too. Is Warhol overrated? Underrated? A prophet? A poseur? Do you miss him? Do you wish he’d go away? Does it make sense to speak of a personal connection with his work, and if so, what’s your favorite Warhol image?

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