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The Art of RAWR!: Abbeville Press Loves Dinosaurs

If you discovered a new kind of dinosaur, what would you do? Call up all your friends from first grade and brag? Do a T-Rex dance in front of your mirror? Or maybe write a children’s book?

After paleobiologist Marco Signori discovered the specimen Scipionyx during the course of a distinguished career, he decided to collaborate with illustrator Mattheo Bacchin on a comic book series designed to bring the age of the dinosaurs to life. The resulting six-volume series, Dinosaurs, was first published in Italy and brought to the U.S. in 2008 by Abbeville Press. The series’ titles include A Jurassic Mystery: Archaeopteryx, The Journey: Plateosaurus, The Hunting Pack: Allosaurus, Giant vs. Giant: Argentinosaurus, T. Rex and the Great Extinction, and Growing Up in the Cretaceous: Scipionyx, which tells the story behind Signori’s own specimen.


Charming, action-packed, and just plain cool, each comic also features short essays that explain more about the dinos and geographical settings featured in the story.

And Abbeville’s commitment to celebrating the awesomeness (in every sense) of dinosaurs does not end there. Two years ago we released Sara Ball and Britta Drehsen’s Flip-o-saurus, an interactive board book that allows younger readers to mix and match dino heads, midsections, and hindquarters like mad paleontologists. If you’re still at the age where this kind of activity appeals to you–i.e., older than six months and younger than 110–you can check out a fun online preview of Flip-o-saurus, in Flash game form, on Abbeville.com.


Excuse us, we couldn’t help ourselves.

Click here to purchase a copy of Flip-o-saurus. Click here to check out the Dinosaurs series on Abbeville.com.