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Happy New E-Books From Abbeville!

Welcome back, and happy 2013! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. If you’re like us, you have relatives who know how much you love beautiful books–and just might have been kind enough to give you gift cards for purchases on your e-reader.

In that case, lucky you: Abbeville’s e-book offerings have expanded steadily in recent years. We’ll be spotlighting several of them this week, starting with a pair of history volumes: The Carving of Mount Rushmore and Tara Revisited: Women, War, and the Plantation Legend. Rushmore, by the late Rex Alan Smith (co-author of Abbeville’s Pacific War Stories), is both a visual and an educational feast, presenting the full story behind the hugest sculpture in the world. Tara, by Catherine Clinton, offers a very different kind of historical narrative: the story of Southern women during the Civil War, as revealed through letters, diaries, slave accounts, and other primary sources.

Each captivating in its own way, each complete with striking period photographs, these two books are guaranteed to help see U.S. history buffs through those months when all you want to do is curl up someplace warm and read.

To purchase the e-book edition of The Carving of Mount Rushmore, click here.

To purchase the e-book edition of Tara Revisited, click here.