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My name's Rover and I'm dog number...
Call me Lucy.  I'm dog number...
Call me bones.  I'm dog number...
My name's Yeller.  I'm dog number...
Playing chase is so much fun.
I love lying around with nothing to do.
I'm so hungry I could eat more!
When I sing, my voice reaches heaven.
Dog Number, 1 Dog Number 10
By Ami Rubinger

Paper over Board, 28 pages
28 pages in full color
Published 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7892-1066-1
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Dogs of all shades, shapes, and dispositions introduce children to numbers as they count their surroundings from one to ten. On each spread, children count the clues to discover the missing number and complete the rhyme!

"Visually, it's got plenty of pizzazz..." -- Kirkus Reviews

"...The rhymes alone should be enough for most kids to supply answers, but abundant visual clues in Rubinger’s kinetically off-kilter scenes provide additional hints." -- Publishers Weekly

Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10 takes readers through a world of playful pups that love to count! Each spread's rhyming text leaves out the last word, allowing little ones to chime in and shout out the missing number. The amusing illustrations provide countable clues for the numbers that have been left out.

With Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10, accomplished illustrator Ami Rubinger once again turns his humorous and imaginative eye to an otherwise simple subject. This is the third in a series of well-received rhyme completion books from Rubinger, all of which use his signature fun, fill-in-the-blank technique to teach children about various concepts like counting. Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10's colorful, computer-generated canines will make little faces smile, and the rhyming game will have them counting from one to ten, again and again.

Ami Rubinger began his career as an illustrator for the daily newspaper Ha'Aretz. He is currently an illustrator and cartoonist for the daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. Rubinger has written and illustrated over 15 books, including Big Cat, Small Cat and I Dream of an Elephant (both published by Abbeville Kids). He resides in Tel Aviv.

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