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Detail of Cleopatras Vanity. Silvered and painted bronze and glass on marble and onyx base. 16-1/4 in. (41 cm) high; 21-3/4 in. (55 cm) long. Private collection.
Hungarian Dancer. Cold-painted bronze and ivory on onyx base. 19-3/4 in. (50 cm) high. Shayo Gallery, New York.
Chiparus in his studio. In addition to paintings, the sculpture The Difficult Crossing is visible at the right and several pieces from the childrens series can be recognized.
Semiramis. Painted and cold-painted bronze and ivory on onyx and marble base. 26-1/4 in. (67 cm) high. Michael Pozsgay collection, St. Louis.
Civa. Patinated, cold-painted, and enameled bronze and ivory on onyx base (base wired for electrical lighting). 21-1/2 in. (54.5 cm) high. Michael Pozsgay collection, St. Louis. Also available as a lamp in the form of a pagoda with the figure inside.
Master of Art Deco (Second Edition)

By Alberto Shayo

Size: 10 X 13, 
Cloth, 216 pages
241 illustrations, 173 in full color
Published 1999
ISBN: 978-0-7892-0573-5
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The definitive study of the life and work of Demetre Chiparus—one of Art Decos greatest sculptors—now expanded with fifty-three new color illustrations.

Born in Romania, Demetre Chiparus (1886-1947) studied in Italy and France before settling in Paris, where he perfected the chryselephantine technique of combining ivory with bronze. Produced as multiples, his works were greatly admired as small-scale decorative objects and today are among the most coveted objects form the Art Deco period, capturing the lively and sensuous spirit of the time.

This lavishly illustrated volume examine Chiparuss work as an embodiment of the Art Deco style. The author explores the various contemporary inspirations for the sculptors art, including haute couture, the music hall, Diaghilevs ballets, and the stage designs of Leon Bakst. Focusing on Chiparuss bronze and ivory pieces, he outlines their development from idea through finished piece, with illustrations of plasteline models that document the artists working methods. The book provides much previously unknown information about Chiparuss life; and this new edition also offers an appendix devoted to his newly rediscovered paintings.

Alberto Shayo was born in Buenos Aires and earned a degree in economics and politics from the University of Birmingham, England, before returning to Buenos Aires and training to be a medical doctor. A collector of art and antiques, he now lives in New York City, where he has had a gallery for eleven years.

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