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Main cocktail and drink categories: Nonalcoholic cocktails and drinks
Liqueurs: Liqueurs are sweetened liquors that are flavored and scented by the addition of spices, herbs, flowers, and so on. The basis of all liqueurs is alcohol and sugar or other sweetening sugars, as well as aromatic and coloring additives.
Kamikaze, Kir, and Kir Royal. Knickerbocker Cocktail and Knockout Cocktail.
South American Brandies: Pisco, the national drink of Chile, is rich in tradition. The base wine, made primarily from Muscat grapes, grows north of Santiago de Chile in precisely demarcated official regions. A period of aging in oak or clay jars follows the distillation process. The most popular in Chile--with annual sales of 23 million bottles--is Pisco Conrol in La Serena. Other South American countries that manufacture brandy include Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. Pisco Sour is the best-known Pisco bar drink. Well-known brands: Control Gran Pisco: Gran Pisco, Chile, 86 proof; Pisco Capel: Chile, 86 proof.
Bar glasses: Beautifully crafted, simple, economical glasses for the bar are what every bartender wants to have. Glasses come in the most adventuresome forms, often created by famous glass designers, but these are suitable for use in the bar. Required bar glasses: (1) Apertif glass (2) Port or sherry glass (3) Sour glass (4) Sparkling wine or Champagne flute (5) Cocktail glass (6) Martini glass (7) Whisky glass, tumbler, or old-fashioned glass (8) Small highball glass (9) Large highball glass (10) Collins glass (11) Balloon wine glass (12) Irish coffee glass (heat resistant) (13) Punch, grog, or toddy glass (heat resistant).
American Bar
The Artistry of Mixing Drinks

By Charles Schumann

Size: 5 x 6 3/4", 
Cloth, 408 pages
More than 100 illustrations
Published 1995
ISBN: 978-1-55859-853-9
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This "bar bible" provides recipes for mixing the perfect drink, classical or exotic, and offers tips on serving it correctly.

-- WINNER of the New York Book Show Award

"The drink mixers bible." -- The New York Times

Whether youre celebrating a special occasion or just relaxing with a cocktail, let world-renowned bartender Charles Schumann be your guide to mixing masterful libations. American Bar—the most authoritative cocktail book ever published—provides all the information the cocktail lover or professional bartender needs to serve up the perfect drink. Inside American Bar youll find:

Recipes for more than 500 drinks, listed alphabetically

An easy-to-use drink index arranged by drink categories

The fascinating history and names of leading brands of all the major cocktail components

A handy guide to bartending equipment

A glossary of international bar terms and measurements

Illustrated with hundreds of delightful 1930s-style line drawings by Günter Mattei, this exceptionally handsome book is an indispensable companion to home or professional entertaining.

Charles Schumann has been a bartender for more than twenty years, the last ten as proprietor of Schumanns in Munich. He is the author of Schumanns Bar Book and Schumanns Tropical Bar Book.

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