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Everett, the Incredibly Helpful Helper
Text by Sue-Anne Morrow, Illustrations by CG Williams

Size: 10" x 8", 
Hardcover, 40 pages
40 illustrations in full color
Published 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7892-1001-2
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The exploits of this sunny little boy will ring true to every parent of a preschool-age child, whose energy and curiosity don’t yet match his abilities.

Age Range: 1–4 years

Everett is a great role model for kids because he loves to help out! ... My children and I really enjoyed reading this book, and it opened up an opportunity for us to talk about helping others and being part of a family. -- Susan Heim on Parenting

Everett Ellington understands that there are a lot of things that need to get done every day. And Everett Ellington knows that he’s the guy to do them. Get to know this two-and-a-half-year-old who wakes up full of energy and ready to “help” his parents with everyday tasks, and, as the messes pile up, so do Mom and Dad’s frustrations—until Everett’s attempts to help out finally pay off and he manages to save the day.

In line with the teachings of famous early childhood educator Maria Montessori, Everett reaffirms the developmental importance of a child’s participation in family activities and daily chores. While the chaos a toddler can cause often demands plenty of patience, Everett reminds parents of the generous, useful individual they are hoping to raise.

The funny, sweet story of one youngster’s efforts to be a valuable, helpful member of the family team, Everett, the Incredibly Helpful Helper will charm adults with its optimism and joy, while children will connect with its warm and funny illustrations.

Sue Anne Morrow has lived and worked as an actor in New York City since 1992. She and her husband Jim have two sons, Griffith and Rowan, who are each very helpful in their very own way. This is her first book. CG Williams was an actor in New York City for fifteen years. She now lives in Salt Lake City with her helpful husband and daughter, and less helpful kittens. This is her first illustrated book.

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