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The Hunting Pack

By Matteo Baccchin and Marco Signore, Forward by Mark Norell

Size: 7 11/16" x 11 1/4", 
Hardcover, 64 pages
over 64 full-color cartoon illustrations
Published 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7892-1011-1
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The third and fourth volumes in a series of six comic-book adventures that bring the dinosaurs back to life.

Age Range: 9 Years and Up

"... a six-part graphic series grounded in science facts but told partially through fiction. Although the large-format books are aimed at young dino aficionados... the text won't bore adults." -- Science News

"These books have great individualized forewords, a dinosaur evolutionary tree, and extensive informative essays dealing with the geography, flora and fauna, and other matters of the time period covered." -- School Library Journal

In Abbevilles Dinosaurs series, a talented artist and a noted paleontologist have teamed up to re-create the vanished world of the dinosaurs in comic-book form. Each volume in the series tells the action-packed yet scientifically accurate story of a different dinosaur living in its particular time and place. At the back of each volume, meanwhile, are several short essays, abundantly illustrated with original drawings and photographs of fossils, that explain more about the creatures and settings encountered in the comic.

The Hunting Pack, the third title in the series, depicts life in a group of Allosaurus in the late Jurassic period, 150 million years ago, in what is today western North America. As these powerful predators hunt herbivores like Camarasaurus and Stegosaurus, an aggressive young Allosaurus challenges the battle-scarred dominant male for leadership of the pack. The essays at the back of the book explore the comics remarkable setting, the ancient ecosystem of the Morrison Formation, located in what is today the western United States and Canada.

Matteo Bacchin, an illustrator based in Luino, Italy, specializes in paleontological subjects. Marco Signore, a paleontologist, holds a Ph.D. in paleobiology from the University of Bristol. In 1998, he published the first known specimen of Scipionyx in the journal Nature. Mark Norell is curator in charge of fossil reptiles, amphibians, and birds at the American Museum of Natural History.

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