Agostino Traini

Agostino Traini

Agostino Traini grew up in ROme, Italy and began drawing at a very young age. A prolific author and illustrator, he has written dozens of popular children's books.

Chef Foody's Field Trip


Follow an intrepid little chef, and his pots and pans, as they journey through fields, towns, oceans, and factories to learn where our food comes from and how it grows.

After waking up to find that his pots and pans have come to life and prepared a delicious breakfast, Foody is presented with an important question: where does all of this good food come from? Determined to find the answer, he sets out with his trusty kitchen tools and cat on a walk that will lead them through cornfields and apple orchards, farmer's markets and butcher shops, and a dozen places in between. Along the way he encounters scores of new friends, including cheesemongers, beekeepers, and one very surprising mermaid, who teach him all about the food we eat every day.

This mesmerizing book will captivate children and adults with vibrant illustrations that are full-to-bursting with people, scenery, and new words to learn.

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