Daniela Mascetti

Daniela Mascetti

Daniela Mascetti joined Sotheby’s in 1980, later opening the firm’s Jewellery department in Milan. Now based in Geneva, she serves as Senior Specialist Worldwide and is one of the field’s most experienced scholars specialising in the history of jewellery. Daniela has been closely involved in many of Sotheby’s jewellery sales during her time at the company and has contributed to the research vital for the sales of important and historic collections, notably, The Jewels of the Duchess of Windsor and the collections of Thurn und Taxis, Hélène Beaumont, Elton John and Gina Lollobrigida.

In 2006 Ms Mascetti provided research for the auction "Castellani & Giuliano: The Judith H. Siegel Collection" which was held in New York. The auction was a landmark event and reinvigorated the interest in and demand for revivalist jewels.

Ms Mascetti regularly lectures on jewellery and runs Sotheby’s Institute of Art Jewellery Courses. She has also published several books on the subject. She is co-author, with David Bennett, of the best-selling book Understanding Jewellery - a reference work for professionals and collectors, translated into many languages and re-edited several times since its first appearance in 1989. Together they have also co-written Celebrating Jewellery, a magnificent volume published in October 2012, illustrating some of the greatest and most iconic pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries. With Amanda Triossi, she has co-authored Bulgari, The Necklace from Antiquity to the Present and Earrings from Antiquity to the Present.

Based in London until 2011, in 2012 Ms Mascetti joined the Geneva Jewellery Department. As a senior international specialist, she travels extensively, sourcing jewels and promoting Sotheby’s international Jewellery sales worldwide. She graduated in Archaeology from the University of Milan, where she developed the analytical skills required for the dating, researching and valuing of historical jewels.



A dazzlingly illustrated history of Bulgari jewelry, this engaging book tells the story of the world’s most famous family of jewelers, goldsmiths, and silversmiths, and the pieces that made their name.

New photography and archival pictures trace the progression of the Bulgari style, a distinctive look that has captivated royalty and movie stars, among other celebrities, for more than a century. Since its start in Rome in 1884—and throughout the years of expansion when shops opened from Los Angeles to New York and Madrid to Hong Kong—the Bulgari firm has launched influential trends and revivals in jewelry design. Bulgari is famous for the mixing of colorful semiprecious stones with diamonds, the mounting of ancient coins in gold jewelry, and the creation of easy-to-wear everyday pieces made with precious gems. These and other Bulgari fashions have sparked countless imitations by other jewelers, imitations that can never rival the polish and flair of the original pieces.

Initially published in 1996 as the first-ever book on Bulgari, this elegant volume delighted Bulgari enthusiasts and those interested in fashion and jewelry design. The need for an updated history of Italy’s most renowned jeweler was prompted by newly discovered historical material, recently launched Bulgari collections, and a great demand for the book.

This revised edition, featuring several new chapters, presents the achievements and developments of Bulgari in the past decade, including design trends in jewelry and watches. Here also are new lines of luxury fashion accessories as well as the distinctive architecture and interior design of Bulgari stores and hotels. It is these latest accomplishments, exquisitely portrayed in this new edition, which have made Bulgari one of the most important luxury brands of the new millennium.

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