Ed Marquand

Ed Marquand

Admitting to having made all the standard mistakes, author Ed Marquand wants to make living life easier for other men. Marquand is an award-winning book designer and producer in Seattle, and the author of Abbeville's Smoothies & Juices.

Beyond Soap, Water, and Comb

A Man's Guide to Good Grooming and Fitness


A lighthearted book revealing everything a man needs to know about grooming, stress relief, and mental and physical well-being.

Most men want to look good, but without a hassle. For the man who wants to look equally good in a business suit or in jeans and a T-shirt, and who wants to feel confident in all situations, Beyond Soap, Water, and Comb is the perfect guide. This comprehensive manual provides easy-to-follow tips for improving one's appearance and enjoying life. Whether a man worries about his hair—holding onto it, losing it, or styling it—or about how to keep his mind and body functioning smoothly, he'll find all the information he needs on these pages. He'll learn how best to shave with success, how to assemble and care for a classic wardrobe without spending a lot of time or money, and how to maintain healthy diet and exercise routines. He'll also learn to sleep better at home or on the road, to break bad habits, to manage time efficiently, to identify and avoid causes of stress, and to adopt international relaxation techniques like steaming Japanese baths or Swedish massages.

This hip, friendly, and appealing find is a pleasure to look at and to use. No man can afford to be without this lively manual of essential information.Included are essential tips on:

Grooming - Shaving and saving face- Maintaining and improving skin tone- Tanning salons and tanning lotions

Hair Care- Getting a good haircut- Balding basics- Hair removal basics

Exercise and Health- Picking a gym and a routine- Weight maintenance and diet- Avoiding sexually transmitted diseases

Clothing- Wardrobe basics - Shopping for clothes- Choosing the right clothes for every occasion- Tips for clothes care

Recharging Your Life- Tuning up your daily routine - Reducing stress- Sleeping better - Realistic time management

Social Encounters- Getting a (social) life - Basic etiquette- Sex and enhancing sexual energy

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Smoothies & Juices


In the same winning format as Abbeville's Home Spa comes a new book filled with appealing, simple recipes for both the popular new beverage — smoothies — and an enduring favorite — juices.

Combining the hottest trend in beverages since the coffee craze with a longtime health food favorite, Smoothies & Juices packs a natural punch. Featured here are easy-to-prepare, healthful recipes for drinks using a blender or a juicer. Both types of beverages are generally low in fat and calories while providing a natural, energizing pickup — the ultimate in good taste, good health, and convenience.

Smoothies are the fast food of the 90's . Healthy and delicious, they are popular, drinkable combination of fruits, vegetables, juice, and a thickening base like frozen yogurt, sherbet, or ice. This blended ambrosia can be an accompaniment to a meal, a healthy substitute for a fattening dessert, a light snack on the run, or even a meal in itself. The nutritional advantages of juice are enormous and well documented, but in order to receive the most benefits juice can offer, you must drink it fresh; now you can make your own!

Smoothies & Juices will show you how to make these delicious drinks at home inexpensively so you can treat yourself everyday without paying the high prices at juice and smoothie bars. Thanks to the useful list of supplements in the back of the book, you'll also have the tools to customize your own drinks by adding the flavors you crave and the nutrients you need. Now you can drink your veggies and move on to dessert without touching peas or green beans!

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