Edith Baudrand

Edith Baudrand

Edith Baudrand is a childrens book illustrator and set designer living in Paris, France.


A fairy tale by Perrault


In this retelling of the classic story, Cinderella never complains as she does everything that her ungrateful stepmother and stepsisters tells her to do. Cinderella's good nature is rewarded when her fairy godmother transforms her rags into a ball gown so she can attend the Prince's ball. In her haste to get home after the magnificent party, she leaves behind a glass slipper...a clue that the Prince uses to find Cinderella and ask her to marry him.

This story has been adapted for children today while respecting the richness and flavor of the original version. The size of the book and its warm, inviting illustrations will appeal to young children, who will be captivated by the game page at the end.

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