Edward Shaw

Edward Shaw

Edward Shaw is an American journalist who has called Buenos Aires his home since the 1960s.

At Home in Buenos Aires


An exuberant tour of Argentina's vibrant, thriving capital.

Rising suddenly and dramatically from the dull flatness of the pampas, Buenos Aires is a teeming, throbbing, cosmopolitan city and a unique mixture of Europe, North American, and South American elements. Capital of the second-largest economy in South America after Brazil, it is one of the world's great ports, the home of every third Argentine, and an increasingly popular travel destination.

Each word and image in this lively volume captures the very soul of the city and its irresistible allure to Argentines and foreigners alike. Featured are its public places—parks, cafés, streets, theaters, museums, markets, restaurants—and its private homes: the elegant, the chic, the eccentric, the bohemian. From an artist's studio in an abandoned railway depot to beautifully appointed apartments in the tony Barrio Norté; from the funky flea markets of San Telmo to Recoleta, the eerie city of the dead, where the infamous Eva "Evita" Perón is buried; from the steamy steps of the tango to the clashing mallets of a polo match, At Home in Buenos Aires is the next best thing to being there.

A detailed map and an extensive visitor's guide to the city's museums, art galleries, theaters, hotels, restaurants, private clubs, bars and café, tango spots, and shopping centers complete this celebration of the "Paris of South America."

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