Hans-Christian Schmidt

Hans-Christian Schmidt

Hans-Christian Schmidt, born in 1973, is a high school teacher of German and history, father of two sons and author of children's stories. In team with Andreas Angol, illustrator, created numerous innovative book ideas for kids.

Are You Sleeping, Little One?


Prepare little ones for bedtime with this whimsical book of simple rhymes and gentle, soothing pictures.

Are you sleeping, little ducking,
tucking your bill under one wing?

And are you sleeping, my little one,
cuddling with me when the day is done?

With lyrical rhymes, this charming board book describes the sleeping habits of over a dozen animals, including species both common and rare, from ducklings to sloths, bats to giraffes. Are You Sleeping, Little One? is the perfect way for little ones (and parents!) to end the day

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