Joel Payne

Joel Payne

Joel Payne is an American living in Germany who has been a wine critic for nearly twenty years.

German Wine Guide


For years this has been, as the largest newspaper in Germany said, "the definitive guide to German wine." Now available for the first time in English, the German Wine Guide presents nearly 400 of the country's best producers and reviews almost 3,000 wines.

At the beginning of this century German Rieslings were the most expensive wines in the world, commanding higher prices than the top growths of Bordeaux. Today, in their incomparably light and elegant style, they offer value for money unmatched by any other wine-producing country. During the past decade, German producers have been paying more attention to quality of their wines, reducing yields but enhancing their reputations. The wine world has noticed, and the consumer is beginning to as well, meaning that there are more and better German wines in our stores all the times.

The German Wine Guide provides a region-by-region critique of individual vineyards and wines, including tasting notes and a price guide. The scope, while selective, is vast, taking in both the known estates of the Mosel and little-known vineyards crafting fine wines. The authors are considered the two most influential wine writers in Germany. As German wines continue to attract more attention, this will be the resource both for aficionados and amateurs.

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