John Gilman

John Gilman

John Gilman – actor, author –  has appeared in many off-off-Broadway productions. John, along with co-author Robert Heide, has written articles for periodicals like The Village Voice, Oklahoma Today and many other publications. They are authors of many pop culture books and books on New Jersey. The two were also interviewed by Katie Couric for their book, Disneyana, on the Today show. 

Popular Art Deco

Depression Era Style and Design


Covering everyday objects from chromium cocktail shakers to Bakelite radios, this colorful book traces the Art Deco marriage of art and industry.

Production-line objects from the 1920s and '30s are increasingly sought after as icons from a crucial era in American industrial design. The ornate style promoted by the 1925 Paris exposition dramatically affected design down to the most utilitarian level, ranging from dime store rouge pots to kitchen utensils, from advertising graphics to book and fabric design, from wallpaper to furniture.

This richly illustrated volume, with its comprehensive survey of the style that revolutionized mass marketing, will appeal not only to collectors, designers, and decorators but also to the general reader who seeks guidance to the increasingly important Art Deco marketplace.

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