Jorge Bucay

Jorge Bucay

Jorge Bucay grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now a doctor and writer, he previously held many jobs, including taxi driver, clown, and street vendor. He has written more than twenty successful books that have been translated into over twenty languages, including English, Chinese, Polish, Greek, Russian, and Hebrew. Jorge has memorized more than 1,500 stories that he loves to tell to audiences around the world.

The King and the Magician


A mighty ruler discovers someone in his kingdom has more power than himself. But when the king sets out to destroy this fearsome enemy, a humble magician, the tables are turned, and an unexpected journey begins.

In this beautifully illustrated story with a timeless message, a feared and cruel king learns of a wise magician in his kingdom who is rumored to be even more powerful than himself. The magician can predict the future, and even worse, he is more popular than the fearsome king. Jealous and insecure, the enraged king plots to destroy this “enemy.” But, being a magician, he has a trick up his sleeve that saves his own life and the king’s.

With help from an unexpected friend, the king transforms from a feared and brutal monarch to a beloved leader. Enduring messages about the power of wisdom and compassion are conveyed in a classic storytelling style and outstanding, original artwork.

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