Stefan Gabányi

Stefan Gabányi

Born in Munich in 1957, Stefan Gabányi studied cultural anthropology. For many years he has worked at Schumann's Bar, the most famous cocktail bar in Germany.



Featuring more than 1,000 entries, hundreds of illustrations and an impressively detailed text, this is the ultimate handbook for whisk(e)y lovers.

The traditional whisk(e)y-producing nations are Scotland and Canada, where the spelling is "whisky," and Ireland and the United States, where it is spelled "whiskey." Featuring more than 1,000 entries covering every conceivable topic on whisk(e)ys from around the world, Whisk(e)y is the comprehensive handbook for the whisk(e)y aficionado and novice alike.

Stefan Gabányi's fascinating text presents information alphabetically by subject, including both the traditional and new whisk(e)y-producing regions of the world, different types of whisk(e)y, production methods, distillers, bottlers, parent companies, and individual brands-from single malts and classic blends to increasingly popular single-barrel bourbons.The intriguing history of whisk(e)y is woven throughout, as is the most up-to-date information, including the most recent developments in the industry and a complete listing of brands and companies by country.

With so much information, and more than 500 charming illustrations by Günter Mattei, this handsome volume is a must-have for all whisk(e)y lovers.

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