Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade makes his home in the coastal foothills of northern California with his wife, Nanette, and daughters Merritt, Chandler, and Winsor. Underlying his art is Kinkade's deep Christian faith. As he puts it, "I desire to create paintings that bring hope and joy to others, and light is my tool for doing that. I see light as a symbol for the joy in my own heart. Perhaps my work will in some small way communicate that joy."

Thomas Kinkade

Paintings of Radiant Light


This inspiring volume celebrates the charming and radiant works of Thomas Kinkade, a foremost contemporary painter of light.

Thomas Kinkade's delightful paintings of cottages, countrysides, tranquil small-town America, and bustling cities seem infused with a special vision. Perhaps no American artist since Norman Rockwell has been so admired and collected for such warm, engaging scenes of American life. This inspiring volume features beautiful fold-out color plates and celebrates the radiant works of the foremost contemporary painter of light.

This book, which includes Kinkade's newest paintings, recounts the uplifting story of his life and adventures. In his own words, Kinkade recalls the inspiration behind his works and describes the fascinating personal references-to loved ones and to his faith-found in his paintings.

The most comprehensive portfolio of Kinkade's art ever printed, this volume includes detailed descriptions of his works and lavish full-color reproductions that illustrate the luminous "Kinkade glow" so collected and treasured today.

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