Virginia Guerin

Virginia Guerin

Virginia Guerin was born in 1975 in Lorraine. After studying literature, she stidied art in Strasbourg. After graduating, various publishing houses. She lives and works in Nantes.

Wild Animals


This series of four books with moveable, pop-up features engages children with an interactive, hands-on learning experience.

Recommended for 3 to 6 year-olds

Across the country, parents are browsing bookstore shelves looking for the perfect children’s book to pop out at them. Well, Little Discoveries is it: a new interactive pop-up, pull-out children’s board book series. The first four of these moveable, three-dimensional books are entitled Baby Animals, Numbers, Colors, and Wild Animals.

Providing for a fun-yet-factual learning experience, these books allow children to connect physically with the books’ lessons by moving objects on the page. Children will delight in swinging a mother and baby monkey from a vine, turning a wheel to change a boy’s hair color, and uncovering the results of color mixing. Through these dynamic animations young children learn about everything from numbers to animal habitats.

With two levels of text—short/simple narrative as well as more detailed explanations—Little Discoveries appeals to a range of young ages. While a toddler responds to the bright colors and interactivity and needs to have a parent read the text, a school-age child will be engaged by new ideas and concepts to be discovered under the pages’ flaps, on such subjects as color theory and endangered species.

Offering vivid, colorful images, moveable features, and an informative text from several talented writers, animators, and illustrators, the Little Discoveries books average twelve sturdy full-color pages with a glossy padded cover—perfect for even the youngest of children.

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