85 Years of the Oscar

The Official History of the Academy Awards

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Format Hardcover 472 pages 9 x 12 inches 765 illustrations, 96 in full color
Category Entertainment
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-142-2 SKU 1042520

The only official history of the Academy Awards and an indispensable addition to any movie buff’s library.

For the film industry, the Academy Awards is the most celebrated and most significant night of the year: everyone longs for the recognition of being nominated to win a little golden statuette. For most of us, however, even a walk down the red carpet is just a dream. 85 Years of the Oscar® puts readers into those iconic plush seats for the thrill of the Academy Awards, from the first show in 1928, shortly after the introduction of the talking picture, to this year’s eighty-fifth anniversary.

With hundreds of photographs and an informative text by Hollywood insider Robert Osborne, 85 Years of the Oscar® is the official history of the Academy Awards. Organized by year, 85 Years of the Oscar® chronicles the ceremonies themselves, as well as the accomplishments, trends, developments, and events that occurred, both within the Academy and for the film industry as a whole. Osborne comments on each year’s most important films and shares the stories behind them. He also transports readers into the awards show, quoting from notable acceptance speeches and celebrity reactions, as well as regaling readers with anecdotes from each year. All award nominees and winners are listed, with a special listing of Oscar® record-holders.

An indispensable and encyclopedic reference for the amateur and expert alike, from the struggling actor to the film critic, this book has been a popular favorite since its first edition was published twenty-four years ago, just after the sixtieth awards ceremony. 85 Years of the Oscar® provides an authority and depth of coverage found nowhere else, and it is sure to please movie-goers around the world.


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85 Years of the Oscar represents a separate sort of pantheon, an almost literal hall of fame that requires readers to set up shop in a sturdy chair and make sure the teapot is full, because they won’t be getting up again anytime soon. -- The New York Times

But what 85 Years of the Oscar truly is, in this age of websites and databases, is something gloriously old-fashioned — a beautiful, hard-cover, painstakingly researched reference source on the Academy Awards and the classic movies they have honored. It's a four-star present for any cinephile. -- The Star-Ledger

Essential for any cineaste completist's library. -- The Philadelphia Inquirer

A must-read for movie buffs -- Booklist

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