A Postcard From Kasos , 1965

By Robert A. McCabe

Release Date
Format Hardcover 5 x 8 inches
Category Travel
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-430-0 ISBN-10 078921430X

Kasos is the southernmost island of the Dodecanese, lying between Carpathos and Crete. Roughly eleven miles long and four miles wide, with a rocky, mountainous landscape, Kasos was famed from antiquity as a center of shipbuilding, and played a role in the Greek War of Independence. But with the advent of steam, the island’s shipyard closed, and its population dwindled. Today some one thousand people remain on the island, living in five small villages full of historic homes and churches. The islanders produce agricultural products of exceptional quality; preserve their distinctive culinary, musical, and dance traditions; and welcome a small number of adventurous travelers to their sparkling beaches.  

Robert A. McCabe’s stunning black-and-white photographs of Kasos, most taken in 1965, offer a unique record of the island’s people, architecture, and natural landscapes. In a stark contrast to the transformation undergone by other Greek islands, many of the scenes depicted in McCabe’s photographs remain almost unchanged today. The text, by a distinguished Greek journalist born on Kasos, brings to life the places and personalities pictured in this book, which will appeal to all travelers off the beaten track.

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