American Impressionism

Release Date
Format Hardcover 368 pages 11 x 13 inches 425 illustrations, 220 in full color
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-737-1 SKU 18534

An expanded and revised edition of this elegant and definitive volume, which helped establish the ever-growing passion for American Impressionism.

With brilliant scholarship and a wealth of stunning illustrations, American Impressionism provides a vivid summary of the entire art movement, starting with its roots in earlier American art and its relationship to French Impressionsim. The first edition was quickly recognized as the most authoritative and penetrating account of the movement, which has continued to grow in poularity since the book's debut. For this new edition, which features 25 additional illustrations, Professor Gerdts has added a fascinating new chapter on Impressionist themes. The volume also includes a thoroughly updated bibliography.

American Impressionism tells how the movement progressed rom an avant-garde aesthetic assaulted by critics up to its years of triumph and how the movement developed in diverse ways throughou the country including regional Impressionism in the South, Midwest, and West. All of the master works are here, from Childe Hassam's sun-drenched gardens to John Twachtman's snow-silenced landscapes, from Edmund Tarbell's coolly elegant ladies in dim, luxurious interiors to Frederick Frieseke's sun-dappled nudes.


"The best book ever written on the subject." -- Artforum

"Carefully researched and meticulously documented.... Gerdts book should form the nucleus for any librarys collection on American Impressionism." -- Library Journal

"In this magisterial presentation Gerdts examines and celebrates the art of American painters.... Highly recommended." -- Choice, selected as an Outstanding Academic Book of the Yea

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