Animal Ambulance

By Peter Lawson, Kathryn Smith

Illustrator Peter Lawson

Release Date
Format Hardcover 10 pages 4.88 x 6.38 inches 10 full-color illustrations
Category Kids
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-026-5 SKU 1042364

From an early age, children are fascinated with driving. Here’s a book to let them steer on their own. As kids 3 and up turn the movable wheel, they uncover delightful images that correspond to each page.

The Turn-the-Wheel board books let even the smallest children change the scene themselves by moving the wheel. A miniature driving tour that parent and child can take together, each of these books focuses on a different vehicle: Animal Ambulance, Fire Engine, Fishing Boat, and Tractor.

The short and simple texts in these books use dialogue (and talking animals!) to bring each vehicle and experience to life. Readers will learn about the lives and work of firemen, fishermen, farmers, and animal rescue workers. As children turn the wheel to find each page's corresponding image, they will exercise their small-motor-skills.