Release Date
Format Boxed Set 112 pages 6.75 x 8 inches 28 full-color illustrations per volume
Category Kids
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-951-1 SKU 1042295

A delightful boxed set of four classic fairy tales about animals and their adventures. 

Fairy tales, unlike children, never age, and the most enduring fairy tale collections combine concise, engaging storytelling with colorful, charming illustrations. Now four of the most popular children’s tales, featuring some of the world’s most beloved animal characters, have been gathered into just such a collection: Animal Fables.

Whether they are familiar with the stories or experiencing them for the first time, young readers will delight in the comic lesson learned by the two friends of City Mouse and Country Mouse, the daring and helpful tricks played by the cat of Puss in Boots, the much nastier tricks played by the wolf of Little Red Riding Hood, and the misadventures of The Three Little Pigs, who must outwit a wolf of their own. Rendered in clear, compelling language perfect for early readers, the stories are accompanied by whimsical and imaginative artwork that brings them vividly to life, as well as a picture game at the end of each tale that helps children sort out and remember what they have read.

A lovely addition to library, classroom, or living room bookshelf, Animal Fables is sure to become young readers’ favorite version of these four timeless stories.

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