At Home in Bali

By Isabella Ginanneschi, Made Wijaya

Photographer Isabella Ginanneschi

Release Date
Format Hardcover 216 pages 9.88 x 9.88 inches 260 illustrations, 250 in full color
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-467-7 SKU 18349

An insider's look at the exotic, decorative lifestyle of the "island of the gods."

Hundreds of glorious photographs and an evocative text offer an insider's look at the exotic style of the "island of the gods."Since early this century, Bali's paradisiacal beauty and the remarkable spirit of its people have attracted a steady stream of artists, architects, anthropologists, mystics, and celebrities from all over the world, and the new residents have interpreted traditional Balinese style with elegant, chic, eccentric, and inspiring results.

Featured in this exquisitely illustrated volume are 24 exceptional homes, both traditional and modern, all shown in their lush tropical surroundings. They include the pondok pavilion dwellings of the rice fields, classic village houses, royal palaces, beach houses, spectacular mountain residences, and homes with magnificently designed gardens. The book also features the courtyard shrines and the public temples that play a role in daily life for both the Balinese and the newer residents.

A visitor's guide and international source list of Balinese wares completes this insider's tour of the island, making At Home in Bali the next best thing to being there.


"They say there are more temples than homes on Bali, and if this inviting book is any guide, then the gods on this enchanted Indonesian isle bask in domestic bliss.The photographer was an art director for a Milan fashion house, and her sense of style is well reflected here.This book will open many doors. And once inside you wont want to move." -- Newsday

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