Botanica Magnifica

Portraits of the World's Most Extraordinary Flowers and Plants

By Jonathan M. Singer, W. John Kress, Marc Hachadourian

Release Date
Format Tiny Folio 376 pages 4 x 4.38 inches 251 full-color illustrations
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-137-8

An unabridged miniature edition of Botanica Magnifica, featuring two hundred and fifty stunning photographs of rare or exotic plants and flowers by the “Audubon of flowers,” Jonathan Singer.

First published as an oversized clothbound volume in 2009, Botanica Magnifica has received widespead acclaim from the scientific and artistic communities. In the words of an ARTnews critic, Singer’s flowers and plants, photographed “in large scale and exquisite detail, emerge from the shadows in a manner evocative of Old Master paintings.”

Now we are pleased to offer this masterwork of botanical photography as a pocket-sized hardcover book, in our trademarked Tiny Folio format. Mirroring the design of the larger edition, this little volume is organized into five alphabetically arranged sections: (I) Orchidaceae, presenting the full diversity of orchids; (II) Florilegium, portraying the complexity and beauty of flowers; (III) Proteus, illustrating plant forms perfectly adapted for survival; (IV) Zingiberaceae, a tribute to the fascinating ginger family and (V) Botanicus, a selection of beautiful and bizarre specimens from the Smithsonian’s research collection. Each pictured plant is accompanied by a clear and accessible description of its botany, geography, history, and conservation.

With its marvelous reproductions and fascinating text, the Tiny Folio of Botanica Magnifica is a charming miniature version of one of the most impressive volumes of natural history ever published.


“A marriage of art and science.” -- CBS News Sunday Morning

“[Singer's] flowers . . . have caused quite a stir. Art aficionados marvel at their painterly quality, and botanists are in awe of how Singer manages to capture them so true to form." -- Smithsonian Magazine

“Singer would appear to have done the impossible.” -- Vanity Fair

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