Release Date
Format Tiny Folio 192 pages 4 x 4.38 inches 160 full-color illustrations
Category Pets and Animals
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-510-0
Other Formats Hardcover

This small book brings the feline world into beautifully sharp focus, presenting nearly two hundred images of our favorite furry friends.

Cats Up Close brings the feline world into beautifully sharp focus. Arranged thematically, the book begins with a chapter that shows cats playing and exploring in winter, spring, summer, and fall; subsequent chapters feature kittens and cats napping, cats in action, the well-traveled cat, and the social cat (the pedigreed kitty that is able to communicate with other animals). An engaging and entertaining introduction describes the amazing activities of these beloved pets. Celebrating cats that are cuddly and adventurous, lounging on fire escapes or leaping across streams, cavorting with cows or nuzzling up to other furry friends, this appealing compendium provides a fresh, surprising portrait of cats and kittens.

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