Daughters of India

Art and Identity

Release Date
Format Hardcover 264 pages 9 x 11.69 inches 250 illustrations in full color
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-002-9

A fascinating exploration of a land whose artwork is as varied and beautiful as its people.

Although one in every six women in the world lives in India, most of the Western world knows little about them. Daughters of India is a collection of the stories of twenty Indian women, each of whom uses creative expression as a means of empowerment. With 250 full-color illustrations, author Stephen Huyler introduces the reader to these individual Indian women and their art—and draws us into their colorful lives and inspiring achievements.

Huyler seeks to dispel Western myths about the repression of Indian women, instead revealing their incredible strength and determination to improve their lives and those of their children. The varied and inspiring women’s stories are simultaneously unique and unifying. From a woman preparing for her son’s wedding to a leading female IT entrepreneur, and from Hindu to Christian to Muslim, the many female faces of India come alive to Huyler’s audience.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will benefit the Global Fund for Women, the Self-Employed Women’s Association, and Folk Arts Rajasthan, as well as other organizations that work to empower women, a full list of which appears in the back of this book.


Huyler has provided a fascinating glimpse into the lives of women who shape their culture, as well as the culture that shapes them. -- ForeWord magazine

"The stunning photographs of Indian women, artworks and landscapes alone make this book worth picking up, but Huyler’s project is about more than beautiful images..." -- Publishers Weekly

"[A] dazzlingly prismatic, instructive, and affecting book... Huylers sensitive portraits provide evocative testimony to the persistence of creativity in even the starkest circumstances, and the transformative powers of art." -- Booklist

"Few authors have seen India through such understanding eyes, nor represented it in such gorgeous colors." -- News India-Times

"Visually stunning with insightful narratives, Daughters of India paints a portrait of Indian womanhood rarely seen by the western world. -- WomenThrive.org

[Huyler’s] newest book...is visually beautiful, emotionally sensitive and an intelligent look into the lives of twenty Indian women....Through their words and his amazing photographs, he has captured their strength and profound dignity....Daughters of India is an extraordinary look into their lives. This book should help to bring understanding and respect to the most significant part of Indian society today, her women. -- Hinduism Today

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