The Great Houses and Ranches of Argentina

By Maria Sáenz Quesada

Translator Norman di Giovanni

Release Date
Format Hardcover 204 pages 9.88 x 12.25 inches 210 illustrations, 200 in full color
Category Interior Design
ISBN-13 978-1-55859-270-4 SKU 19453

Two dozen of Argentina's most magnificent country estates are featured in this sumptuously illustrated volume.

From the rocky terrain in the North through the fertile pampa of the central provinces, all the way to the mountainous West and cold, desolate provinces of the South, the estancias of Argentina produced the high-quality meat and grain that gave the country one of the world's most powerful economies at the turn of the century. Built in a diversity of architectural styles, from Spanish farm-house to Edwardian country home, the residences of the estancieros are a fascinating hybrid of European and Argentine cultural traditions.

In an illuminating text, historian María Sáenz Quesada explores the cultural and social history of Argentina and provides captivating commentary about the families who built or occupy the estancias. She also examines the distinctive style of these country estates, their interiors, and gardens. Illustrated with exquisite color and vintage photographs, this opulently designed volume captures the rugged, romantic flavor of the good life on the Argentina pampa.

“These majestic homes tell the history of Argentina and reveal why this rural yet cosmopolitan country is considered the most European of the Americas.” -- Art & Antiques

“Romantics will lose their hearts to these exotic homes....” -- Booklist

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