Everglades National Park

By Ted Levin, Patricia Caulfield

Release Date
Format Tiny Folio 328 pages 4 x 4.5 inches 300 full-color illustrations
Category Natural History
ISBN-13 978-1-55859-827-0

This little book provides a compact view of an unsurpassed wetlands area visited by 1.1 million people each year.

Everglades National Park, one of America's great natural treasures, is a sanctuary for an incredible variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, orchids, and other living things. This handy little book presents the park's amazing diversity of wildlife and plants as well as views of its unique landscape. Illustrated with scenics and maps, the first section offers five suggested tours of the Everglades and of the adjacent Big Cypress National Preserve.

The rest of the book features vivid color photographs of scores of the area's remarkable species including water birds, panthers, alligators, manatees, tree snails, butterfly orchids, and gumbo limbo trees. The text provides a lively account of the park's natural history, an overview of its wildlife, and advice for exploring the area.

This compact guide is both helpful for planning trips and a wonderful memento of an incomparable place.

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