Father For Life

A Journey of Joy, Challenge, and Change

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Format Hardcover 320 pages 6 x 9 inches 40 black-and-white illustrations
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-784-5 SKU 18565
Other Formats eBook

The essential guide for every dad by the bestselling author of Expectant Father and the New Father series, Father for Life is the first book to look at the phases of fatherhood from the conception of a child through the grandfather years.

While there have been many books about child development and motherhood, precious little has been written about how fathers change and develop as parents or about how children influence their fathers' development. Yet most fathers know that a man who's just found out that his wife is expecting is a very different kind of man from the one he'll be when he holds his newborn in his arms for the first time. And that same dad will have changed again — psychologically and emotionally — by the time his baby speaks for the first time. Fathers evolve and develop throughout every stage of their children's lives — from the preschool and elementary school years through the tumultuous teens, young adulthood, middle age, grandfather years, and beyond. But no matter what the child's age, a father is always a father.

In this ground-breaking book, Armin Brott presents the stages of fatherhood with the same thoroughness, accessibility, and humor that have made his critically acclaimed books the most popular fatherhood guides in the country. He offers a wealth of information and practical tips, incorporating the wisdom of experts, studies about parental development, and his own extensive interviews with hundreds of fathers. Because fatherhood is a progression, the chapters are organized chronologically and describe a father's physical and emotional growth, how he influences a child at every age, and how a child impacts a father's evolution in turn. Brott covers everything from such general issues as how to juggle work and family roles, how to affect the kind of person your child becomes, and when to encourage his individuality and independence to such specific topics as how to get to know your baby, what to do if your teen uses drugs, and how to cope when adult children return home.

Illustrated throughout with New Yorker style cartoons that underscore the universality of the joys and woes of parenting, Father for Life is brimming with insights and advice, and is an indispensable, lifelong guide — not only for every dad, but for every mom and child as well.



"Brott writes honestly and earnestly. His wry sense of humor will be a relief to hassled parents...." -- Time magazine

"In this third of his perfectly targeted book series for the moder dad, Brott demystifies child development... and make[s] fathers... enjoy the vital role they play in their kids lives even more. A great addition to any parenthood library." -- Child magazine

If you havent read Armin Brotts new book, Father for Life, you are missing something in your life. Brott does a sensational job describing the journey of a father. Its funny, informative, and additional stress relief... -- Ken Swarner, author of the syndicated column, Family Man

Strikingly clear and easy to navigate... Armin’s effortless and honest conversational style of writing takes the reader through a large mount of incredibly valuable information with smooth sailing. -- ParentingWithSuccess.com

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