Fathering Your School-Age Child

A Dad's Guide to the Wonder Years — Three- to Nine-Year Olds

Release Date
Format Paperback 285 pages 6 x 9 inches 20 black-and-white illustrations
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-924-5
Other Formats Hardcover / eBook

A practical handbook on all aspects of fatherhood during the third to the ninth year (pre-K through the fourth grade) by the best-selling, critically acclaimed author of The Expectant Father.

-- WINNER of the Independent Publisher Book Award, 2008

Following the success of the three previous volumes in this series — The Expectant Father; The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year; and Fathering Your Toddler––this new book is similarly packed with facts, tips, and advice on all aspects of fatherhood.

When is it the best time to encourage a child’s independence? What’s the difference between daycare vs. preschool? What are the unique ways fathers impact their youngster’s life? The answers to these questions and hundreds more are found in the pages of this easy-to-follow, informative volume. With wisdom, compassion, and humor, author Armin Brott devotes a chapter to each school year from prekindergarten through the fourth grade. In each chapter he outlines the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social changes the child is going though, and examines the emotional and psychological development the father may be experiencing. He also discusses issues that develop between dad and mom as well as matters that involve the whole family. In addition, each chapter contains a section called “You and Your Child,” in which activities and issues appropriate to the given age are discussed.

Other topics cover the latest research on child development, including brain growth, good and bad news about watching television, and the use of computers and other technology. There is ample advice for dads who are older, single, divorced, in the military, stepfathers, and stay-at-home dads, and the book incorporates the author’s and other fathers’ personal experiences, as well as the advice of top researchers in the field. Illustrated throughout with delightful New Yorker cartoons that underscore the universality of the joys and woes of parenting, Fathering Your School-Age Child is an essential sourcebook for every dad. It’s certain to give every mom helpful insights as well.

This, thankfully, is not another one of those goofy, dumbed-down books (think sports metaphors and caveman references) that make such amusing - but unhelpful - gifts for dads. In fact, this is as informative as any traditional parenting book out there (including those aimed at the moms), and in some ways even better. Busy dads will be grateful for Brotts accessible tone and quick-and-painless format - bullet points get the basics covered on whats going on with your child, yourself and your relationship with your partner at each developmental stage. -- Newsday

A best-selling author and father of three, Brott (The Expectant Father) drolly delivers readable, practical guidance on fathering. Covering each year from three to nine, the chapters focus on the developmental states of child, father, and mother/partner as well as their relationships to one other. Considerable knowledge from parenting experts is woven into the text, and special issues (e.g., children with special needs, divorced dads) are also explored.— -- Library Journal

Right from the beginning of this book, I found myself circling things and highlighting like mad, and saying to my wife: hey! listen to this!’.... An excellent resource for any man who is truly interested in doing a real mans job: Being an involved father to his children. -- Parent Bloggers Network

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