By Sara Ball, Britta Drehsen

Release Date
Format Hardcover 22 pages 12.25 x 10 inches 22 full-color illustrations
Category Kids
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-061-6 SKU 1042413

Create your own prehistoric beasts by mixing and matching the heads, bodies, and tails of different dinosaurs.

This interactive board book lets you mix and match the heads, bodies, and tails of ten real dinosaurs in order to create a thousand different imaginary ones, like the Stegodocus, the Oviplosaurus, or the Diploraptops. It includes interesting facts about each dinosaur part, so you can figure out how your Flip-o-saurus would behave. There’s also a handy chart that shows the actual sizes of the ten dinosaurs that make up the “ingredients” of your Flip-o-saurus, and gives the meaning and pronunciation of their names.

With its fun concept, beautiful artwork, and high production values, this book will make the perfect gift for any kid who loves dinosaurs.


"Ball's painted portraits are big and bright enough to draw even younger children." -- School Library Journal

“Sara Ball’s Flip-o-saurus... lets readers mix and match dinosaur heads, torsos, and tails to create new species.” -- Publishers Weekly, from the article BookExpo America 2010: Big Children's Books of the Show

"What’s a kid to do after she’s learned all of her dinosaurs? Mix them up! Children flip Sara Ball and Britta Drehsen’s trisected board pages to create new species—a Stegoceratops, perhaps?—and discover the meaning behind the behemoths’ names." -- Time Out New York Kids

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