Half Full


The Greatest Teachers in Sports and Their Lessons for Us All


Coaches are critical to achieving top performance from individual athletes and teams. Coach profiles the 150 most successful of them—in every major sport—providing ample biographical background but lasering-in on their most teachable ideas and methods. Rich in quotations, each profile ends with a list of lessons that readers can apply not only to the sports they love but also to their own lives and careers.

Profiles range from Béla Károlyi (who coached 9 Olympic and 15 world champion gymnasts), to Bill Belichick (the take-no prisoners coach of the Boston Patriots), to Pat Summitt (who racked up 1,098 wins as coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team from 1974 to 2012), to Marian Vajda (the coach behind tennis phenom Novak Djokovic).

Guided by the numbers—for all competitive sports keep score—this book finds the teachable moments, settling some arguments while starting others, in delineating the lives and careers of coaches who win with brains, heart, and the force of character.

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The Global Elite

Who Really Runs the World?



Who really has the power to write laws, start and end wars, shape the economy, and sway public opinion? You’ll find more than 200 of them here. In this book’s four sections, you will meet:

The Power Elite: The political and military leaders and influencers who wield law, regulation, and lethal force to set the boundaries of our lives. The Money Elite: The bankers, investors, and philanthropists who allocate the world’s stored value, past and future.

The Money Elite: The bankers, investors, and philanthropists who allocate the world’s stored value, past and future.

The Maker Elite: The government and corporate leaders who build our infrastructure and control the global supply chain, from natural resource extraction to retail storefronts and home delivery.

The Media Elite: The propagandists, tech and media moguls, as well as the teachers—secular and religious—who control what we think and what we think we know.

Introduced by an incisive essay defining what it means to be “elite,” this book shuns murky Deep State mythologizing to reveal the true sources of might and influence, often hidden in plain sight. The reality of the global elite is stranger (and far more interesting) than any conspiracy theory.

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You Bet Your Life

Your Guide to Deadly Risk


What are your chances of living through the next 24 hours? This week? This month? This decade? Will your job kill you? Your car kill you? Your spouse kill you? Will your own bad habits kill you? Or will a rogue asteroid just kill us all?

Each time you lay your head on the pillow at night or set your feet on the floor come morning, you bet your life. Exactly what odds do you face 24/7?

You Bet Your Life applies to you, the individual, the analytical approach insurance companies use to calculate risk: actuarial science. The result is a comprehensive, encyclopedic, real world assessment of more than 1,000 of the risks we take every day of our all-too-finite lives, from boarding an airplane to tempting a shark attack by dipping a toe in the ocean.

You Bet Your Life is introduced by an authoritative essay explaining how professional actuaries calculate risk and how less objective entities—in government, finance, science, technology, and religion—apply their own competing calculi of risk and reward.

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