Homes of the Park Cities, Dallas

Great American Suburbs

Release Date
Format Hardcover 496 pages 9.88 x 9.88 inches 325 full-color photographs, plus 75 maps and archival images
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-976-4

A beautiful and comprehensive chronicle of two of America’s earliest and most luxurious suburbs: Highland Park and University Park, Texas.

Dallas local Virginia McAlester, author of Random House’s A Field Guide to American Houses, the classic book on the subject, and Abbeville’s celebrated Great American Houses and Their Architectural Styles, teamed up with Prudence Mackintosh and Willis Cecil Winters to write Homes of the Park Cities, Dallas. This impressive and informative case study immerses readers into the architecture and culture, both past and present, of these classy neighborhoods.

Illustrated with over 280 specially commissioned photographs, in addition to over 75 maps, graphs, and archival images, this insightful work covers the history and development of Dallas’s suburbs, as well as the architects who designed them. Homes also features several appendices, providing notes on how to preserve early-twentieth century homes and a catalogue listing over 1,600 homes by address and architect. McAlester authored an additional appendix that illustrates the architectural styles found in The Park Cities, which run the gamut from Tudor and Colonial Revival to Minimal Traditional and Mid-Century Modern.

As grand as the houses it chronicles, Homes of the Park Cities, Dallas will fascinate architects, historians, suburbanites, and would-be suburbanites alike.



For anyone clinging to the stereotype that the Park Cities are a monolith of European-derived design, Virginia McAlester gladly gives you an eye-opening visual tour of these historic hoods. As co-author of Great American Suburbs: The Homes of the Park Cities, Dallas, McAlester scoured blueprints and archives in order to profile some 300 houses, which were sumptuously photographed by Stephen Clicque. -- Modern Luxury Dallas: Interiors

This exhaustive, lively study of the Park Cities is a labor of love from three Dallas-area authors... this volumes heft and enthusiastic documentation of street after street will go a long way toward reassuring new buyers that their property dollars can be safely invested in the leafy Park Cities, defended by such staunch preservationists. -- Period Homes magazine

A volume with intellectual weight that matches its physical heft... beautifully designed and produced. -- Legacies: A History Journal for Dallas and North Central Texas

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