How Artists See Jr. Boxed Set

Release Date
Format Boxed Set 20 pages 7.75 x 6 inches 9-12 full-color illustrations per volume
Category Kids
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-050-0 SKU 1042389

Available in a handsome boxed set, the How Artists See Jr. series introduces young children to the varied, beautiful ways in which artists see the world.

The How Artists See Jr. board books are a child’s first introduction to the magic and beauty of art. Like a miniature museum exhibit that parent and child can explore together, each book features twelve diverse works of art from around the world, centered on a theme that little ones love: Babies, Dogs, Horses, or Trains. Packaged in a smart, sturdy  slipcase, this four-book set is now more attractive, portable, and “gift-worthy” than ever.

By grouping pictures by theme, the series engages early learners, helping them see the familiar in unfamiliar ways. This enlightened and proven approach for bringing art to children, combined with the books’ comfortable size and colorful presentation, is ideal for the board book age group. Designed specifically to encourage adult-child interaction, the books also feature suggested questions for Mom, Dad, or the caregiver to ask while browsing. Preschool art teachers find How Artists See Jr. a perfect complement to their programs.

Whether poring over Monet’s steam-shrouded locomotives, Jeff Koons’s giant puppies, or engravings of horses from ancient Egypt, young readers of How Artists See Jr. will delight in discovering how the world can be transformed by great artists’ creativity—and their own.

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