I Dream of an Elephant

Release Date
Format Hardcover 28 pages 10.75 x 8.13 inches 15 full-color illustrations
Category Pets and Animals
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-058-6
Other Formats eBook

From the author-illustrator of Abbeville's Big Cat, Small Cat comes a second rhyme-completion concept book, teaching children about colors through bright landscapes of loveable elephants.

I Dream of an Elephant takes readers through a wondrous world where they will encounter elephants of many colorful shades that sing, dance, and play—each in its own vibrant shade. The book's color-themed spreads feature adorably active, wide-eyed elephants in a matching landscape. These illustrations provide the hints needed for children to chime in and complete the missing word (the color) from each rhyming couplet. I Dream of an Elephant teaches children about colors with an interactive, fill-in-the-blank challenge that encourages participation. Accomplished illustrator Ami Rubinger once again turns his imagination and humorous eye to an otherwise simple subject, and his colorful elephants will make little faces smile. The bold graphics are fun and unique, depicting a variety of friendly, flamboyant elephants that will engage young readers while the rhyme game hleps them learn colors.


"This is a beautifully conceived book. The stylized illustrations are a treat for the eyes... this [book] should find a place in most collections." -- School Library Journal

"Besides learning colors, some repetitive rhyming words and patterns in the poems help our early readers learn to read or guess the words." -- Sacramento Book Review

"This is a great way to share a simple story with your little one while teaching your child the colors. Check this one out!" -- 5MinutesForMoms.com

"This rhyming picture book features a built-in game. Each spread asks a question which is never answered in the text—children must fill in the answer themselves." -- Reading Today

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