In a Desert Land

Photographs of Israel, Egypt, and Jordan

By Neil Folberg

Release Date
Format Hardcover 204 pages 9 x 12 inches
Category Photography
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-125-6

These places are among the most beautiful on earth — the deserts of the Middle East, the Dead Sea coast, the ancient splendor of Luxor, the pyramids at Giza, and the eternal presence of Jerusalem itself — and their beauty all the more intense because of their rich historical and religious association. Breathtaking folio-sized reproductions of large-format photographs capture sacred vistas, images of awe, serenity, and ravishing beauty: the Oasis of Ain Umm-Ahmed, the view from the summit of Mount Sinai, a Bedouin orchard in the midst of a desert wadi, the dusty life of village and town, the Temple Mount, and the Wailing Wall.

Accompanying these photographs are Neil Folbergs delightful firsthand narratives recounting the humorous and harrowing adventures of a photographer in a politically troubled and naturally formidable land. While Folberg entreats only that you follow him into the landscape of his vision and derive pleasure wandering and wondering, the photographs of In a Desert Land — celebrations of beauty sacred and natural — are in fact moving prayers and persuasive arguments for sanity and peace in a reckless region and a volatile world.


"Folberg captures with his camera something that is beyond mans ability to create--the awe-inspiring configurations of nature, the sweeping vistas, the colors... Folbergs landscapes are fluid moments in time... Although one may never walk in these desert lands, one is drawn into the images as one is drawn to an altar--as a place to seek peace." -- Artweek

"The word for photographer in nineteenth-century Hebrew was tsayar shemesh, "painter of the sun." The Arabic expression mussawwra shamsi still has the same meaning. Neil Folberg has breathed new life into this old concept, that the sun does the painting. Looking at his brilliant landscapes, we imagine him sitting behind his camera, waiting for the sun to rise and color the sky purple, cast shadows upon the mountains, and make the sand dunes translucent. Then all Folberg has to do is release the shutter, capture the scene created by the sun, and transmit it to us." -- Nitza Rosovsky, from Neil Folbergs In in a Desert Land

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