Israel through My Lens

Sixty Years as a Photojournalist

By David Rubinger, Ruth Corman

Release Date
Format Hardcover 336 pages 7 x 10 inches 129 illustrations, 46 in full color
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-928-3

The compelling autobiography of Israel's preeminent photojournalist, illustrated with his most memorable images. 

Today, photojournalist David Rubinger stands at the peak of his profession: a winner of the Israel Prize for services to the media and a fixture on the masthead of Time, he is the only photographer whose work is on permanent display at the Knesset, Israel’s legislature. In this fascinating volume, he reports his own story, which in many ways reflects the history of Israel that he has recorded so faithfully with his camera. Born in Vienna in 1924, he emigrated to British Palestine in 1939 and developed a passion for photography while serving in the British army’s Jewish Brigade. After fighting in Israel’s War of Independence, he became a professional news photographer, reporting on each of his young nation’s subsequent wars from the front lines, at first for the Israeli media and later as a correspondent for Time-Life. He photographed all of Israel’s leaders, many of whom have allowed him a remarkable degree of access to their lives; Ariel Sharon said, “I trust Rubinger even though I know he doesn’t vote for me.” But Rubinger has not confined his reporting to war and politics; by photographing the successive waves of Jewish immigrants from Europe, the Arab world, Russia, and Ethiopia, he has also created a valuable record of Israel’s transformation from a country of six hundred thousand to one of seven million.

In recounting his eventful career, Rubinger proves himself a gifted raconteur, sharing anecdotes of the many leading personalities he has photographed and telling the stories behind his most famous pictures, many of which are reproduced here at fullpage size. Also illustrated are a selection of Rubinger’s never-before-published personal photographs, which provide vivid behind-the-scenes glimpses into the fast-paced and sometimes daring work of a photojournalist. Both a personal account of one man’s life with the camera and a visual document of the birth of a nation, Israel through My Lens is an essential book for anyone with an interest in Israeli history or the art of photojournalism.


"...this is a marvelous volume to pick up, examine the faces in these singular photos, read the stories that accompany them and appreciate the special combination of art and journalism that produced these images." -- Chicago Jewish Star

"The book is full of personal anecdotes intertwined with historical events, which for many Israelis were defined by Rubingers photos. In order to tell us about his life, Rubinger opens both his photo archive and his heart." -- The Jerusalem Post

"Rubinger has an easy style, recounting each story in his book with a genuine sense of humility and often astonishment--both at what he was able to experience and at his luck for having been able to experience it." -- The Jewish Week

"Israel through My Lens ... will give readers an insight into the man who made a million split-second decisions regarding the angle and the light in which to view history." -- The Forward

"The text deftly interweaves Rubingers compelling personal story with his views on Israeli leaders and his recollections of the stories behind the photographs. This is a very interesting account of his life and the life of his nation." -- Booklist

"...the definitive record of the 60 years since Israels independence." -- TIME Europe

-- A selection of the Hadassah Israel at 60 Book Club

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