Kagan's Superfecta

And Other Stories

By Allen Hoffman

Release Date
Format Paperback 320 pages 5.38 x 8 inches
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-686-2
Other Formats eBook

The art of Jewish storytelling thrives in this captivating collection of tales filled with memorable characters.

The stories in this collection are deeply felt explorations in to the Jewish mind and world — stories in the tradition of Isaac Bashevis Singer. At the same time, illuminated by compassion and humor, they transcend cultural boundaries and provide fascinating studies in the universal human experience. Kagan the compulsive gambler, Bluma the old beggarwoman, Hymie the well-to-do arsonist, and Maxie the juggling uncle are but a few of the unforgettable characters brought to vivid life in these pages.

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