Life and Culture in Northeast India

By Dipti Bhalla, Shiv Kunal Verma

Illustrator 318

Release Date
Format Hardcover 260 pages 9 x 11 inches
Category Travel
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-374-7

An abundantly illustrated journey through one of the world’s most diverse and fascinating regions

Although India’s northeastern administrative region makes up only eight percent of India’s land area, it is home to some 140 indigenous tribes, each with its own unique culture. The terrain, predominantly hilly, ranges from snow-capped peaks to tropical rainforests. Now, for the first time, noted authors and filmmakers Dipti Bhalla Verma and Shiv Kunal Verma provide a comprehensive introduction to this little-known yet captivating part of the world. Verma and Verma conduct us from the towering Kanchenjunga massif in Sikkim to the tea plantations of Assam, to the astonishing biodiversity of Arunachal Pradesh, to the martial tribes and Baptist churches of Nagaland, to the birthplace of polo in Manipur, to the living root bridges of Meghalaya, to the farms nestled among the hills of Tripura and Mizoram. They take us into the lives of the many peoples of these eight states, who maintain their traditional customs and beliefs even in the face of growing ecological threats. Featuring more than three hundred color photographs and several detailed maps, Life and Culture in Northeast India will be an essential volume for anyone interested in the peoples and places of Planet Earth.

"For many, this is a mysterious land; the book has endeavoured to lift the veil of secrecy and capture its richness and feel its pulse. . . Dipti and Kunal [Verma] have successfully captured the essence and soul of the region with their rich prose and breathtaking imagery. . ." The Sunday Guardian


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