Marc Chagall

By Andrew Kagan

Release Date
Format Paperback 128 pages 8.5 x 11 inches Over 115 illustrations, 48 in full color
ISBN-13 978-0-89659-935-2

Chagall's sprightly fiddler on the roof and his romantic airborne lovers--affectionate icons from the artist's early years in a Russian village--are among the most familiar and best-loved figures in modern art.

This beguiling volume tells the story of Chagall's long and adventure-filled life and presents his works in diverse media--oil, watercolor, graphics of all types, pottery, and stained glass.

Chagall's early achievements in Russia attracted the first of his many guardian angels, who made it possible for him to move to Paris, where he enthusiastically enjoyed the heady pleasures of bohemia and his own precocious success. Back in Russia on a visit in 1914, he was trapped by the onset of the Revolution, which unexpectedly elevated him to the lofty position of art commissar--and just as quickly demoted him. Not until eight years later was he back in his beloved France, where he stayed the rest of his life except for a reluctant exile to the United States during World War II. However tumultuous his life became, Chagall remained almost unsinkably lighthearted, expressing an exuberant joy in living that infused his art and makes this engaging book such a delight to look at and read.

About the Modern Masters series

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