Patterns in Art

A Closer Look at the Old masters

Release Date
Format Hardcover 192 pages 7.875 x 0.75 x 9.5 inches
Category Art and Design
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-340-2

A visual delight, and a designer's dream-the decorative details of great European paintings transformed into beautiful two-dimensional patterns

Richly embroidered robes. Intricate lace collars. Elaborately laid floor tiles. Delicately carved and modeled cornices and capitals. These are among the details of decorative art that the Old Masters lovingly rendered in their paintings, to establish a setting, convey a portrait subject's social status, or sometimes just enliven a scene. Together these details-so easy to overlook in the imposing harmony of draftsmanship, color, and composition that makes up a great painting-form a veritable history of ornament.

This inventive book plucks these decorative motifs from the background of paintings by masters like Bronzino, Fra Angelico, and Jacques-Louis David and transforms them into vibrant two-dimensional patterns. Seeing these patterns side-by-side with the original paintings deepens our appreciation of both. Pattern in Painting will be a resource for graphic designers, and a revelation for all art lovers.

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