Saints in Art and History

By Fernando Lanzi, Gioia M. G Lanzi

Release Date
Format Hardcover 576 pages 7 x 10 inches 260
Category Art History
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-326-6

A book of saints at once beautiful and profound

Saints in Art and History presents the lives of some 150 saints in chronological order, from the family of Jesus and the early Christian martyrs, to the founders of the great religious orders, to modern holy figures like Mother Teresa. This arrangement reveals the tremendous impact that the saints have had on the history of the Catholic faith, and on world history. The lives of the saints are illustrated not only with works of great art—by Memling, Raphael, and Bernini, among many others—but also by popular images, such as folk carvings and votive postcards. 

A thoughtful introduction explores the nature of sainthood, the role of saints in Catholicism, and the significance of their images. Other special features include a visual dictionary of the saints’ attributes, and a map showing the patron saints of the nations of the world. This attractive volume is at once a valuable resource for art historians and other scholars, and a splendid gift for Easter or any occasion.

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