Ski Atlas of the World

The Complete Reference to the Best Resorts

Release Date
Format Hardcover 300 pages 11.63 x 14 inches Approximately 400 full-color illustrations including 93 maps
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-986-3

A comprehensive guide to the world’s best skiing locations, illustrated with maps detailing top resorts, major peaks, convenient transportation routes, and more.

Whether at world-class ski resorts or on slopes covered with man-made snow, people of all ages seek out the unique thrill of skiing year after year. Ski Atlas of the World is an invaluable reference guide for anyone who has an interest in skiing—or like Arnie Wilson, the Atlas’s globetrotting, resort-hopping, Guinness record–setting editor, a passion for it. The focus of the book is a series of 80 profiles of the best places to ski in Europe and North America, including such world-famous resorts as Val d’Isere, Zermatt, Aspen, and Whistler, and such up-and-coming ski areas as Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia. Each profile details terrain characteristics, resort character and tone, history of the facilities, and more. Double-page maps appear throughout the book, beginning with a large-scale map of the world’s mountain ranges and followed by maps showing the resorts’ locations relative to each other. Rounding out the Atlas is an overview of skiing in Australasia, Japan, and South America.

The editor’s encyclopedic knowledge of skiing destinations and infectious enthusiasm for the sport inform all 300 pages of this outstanding resource. Whatever your skill level and no matter what you’re looking for in a resort, Ski Atlas of the World will help you find the perfect place to take your next skiing vacation.


"You’re going to want to get a copy of the freshly published Ski Atlas of the World for several reasons. First, it profiles eighty of the best places to ski... Second, it’s the perfect gift for your husband or wife, your parents or any of your ski-loving friends." -- Fairfield County Home

"This invaluable, attractive reference is recommended for public libraries." -- Library Journal

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