Southern Light

Images from Antarctica

Release Date
Format Hardcover 306 pages 12 x 11.63 inches 135 full-color illustrations, 100 duotones; 7 gatefolds
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-155-2 SKU 1042541

A beautifully printed photographic journey, in both color and black-and-white, through the awe-inspiring landscapes of the frozen continent.

Between 1990 and 2009, veteran wilderness photographer David Neilson made six journeys to Antarctica and the subantarctic, in a quest to capture the exquisite light of these southernmost lands. This oversized volume presents the spectacular results of his efforts; its 130 color and 100 duotone plates portray the dramatic topography of the Antarctic Peninsula; the icebound expanses of East Antarctica; the Ross Sea region, which witnessed the heroic age of Antarctic exploration; and the subantarctic islands of South Georgia and Macquarie, with their profusion of wildlife.

Many of the landscape photographs were taken with a large-format view camera for maximum detail and tonal subtlety, and several are reproduced as panoramic gatefolds, showing the true vastness of this great southern realm. The images of wildlife, many of them remarkable close-ups, include emperor, king, Adélie, gentoo, chinstrap, royal, and macaroni penguins; wandering, royal, and grey-headed albatross; and crabeater and fur seals. Accompanying the photographs are a narrative of Neilson’s Antarctic journeys, essays on conservation and climate change, and five full-page maps.

Southern Light is an excellent gift for anyone who has visited Antarctica personally, as well as for those who prefer to admire its frozen beauty from a more temperate clime.

Distributed for Snowgum Press


Winner: 2nd Place Nature Book -- International Photography Awards

Anyone with an interest in wildlife photography in general and in Antarctica specifically will enjoy this large-format book, as Neilson and fellow photographer Karen Alexander capture the essence of Antarctica, from the various varieties of penguins to seals to humpback whales to snow-covered peaks to icebergs. Especially poignant are the relics left behind by the great explorers: Robert Scott's hut built in 1910 for his Terra Nova expedition, for example, or Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition campsite. -- Chicago Tribune

This is a beauty! -- Longitude News

2013 Best Books of the Year selection: Outdoors & Nature Photography --

"Southern Light" is a blast of beauty. Neilson’s animal close-ups are latter-day Audubons — exquisitely observed portraits brimming with character. "Southern Light" is a love letter in the form of a coffee-table book. -- The New York Times

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