The Global Elite

An Introduction

By Editors of Abbeville Press .

Release Date
Format Hardcover 400 pages 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN-13 978-0-78927-016-0

What people command the real power to write the laws, start and end wars, shape the economy, and sway public opinion? You’ll find them here—more than 200 of them, anyway. The reality of the ranks of the global elite is stranger than any conspiracy theory. In this book’s four comprehensive sections, you will meet: The Masters of Might: The political and military leaders who use the power of law, regulation, and lethal force to set the boundaries of our lives The Masters of Money: The bankers (public and private), investors, and philanthropists who allocate the world’s stored value, past and future The Masters of Matter: The government and corporate leaders who build our infrastructure and control the global supply chain, from natural resource extraction to retail storefronts and home delivery The Masters of Media: The spymasters, propagandists, tech and media bosses, as well as the schools and teachers—secular and religious—who control what we think and what we think we know Forget the “Deep State” and the “Shadow Government,” this encyclopedia of our unelected—and, often, self-appointed—national and global leaders profiles the true sources of power, whether hidden or hidden in plain sight. Each of the book’s four sections begins with a brief essay outlining the nature of influence in politics and the military; finance; the material world; and media and education. Within each section, the who’s who entries are arranged alphabetically.

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