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Format Paperback 224 pages 5.5 x 8.5 inches 35 black-and-white illustrations
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-585-8 SKU 18417

Written with warmth, wit, and wisdom, this straightforward guide to grandmothering is based on the principles all grandmothers need to know.

The Grandmother Principles:

  • The grandmother way is the easy way
  • Grandmothers already have tenure.
  • Everything comes to an end eventually
  • A grandmother is a safe haven
  • There's nothing so simple that you cannot make it complicated if you really try
  • The most powerful way to teach is by example
  • People with real clout don't have to throw their weight around
  • Grandmothers don't have to be politically correct
  • When getting somebody else to do a task is more work than just doing it yourself, do it yourself
  • Most arguments are about who is in charge
  • It's always safe to talk to a grandmother
  • Grandmothers delegate
  • A grandmother is not a quarterback
  • Somebody has to be the grown-up
  • No sickness or injury is so bad that panic can't make it a lot worse
  • There are secret stories that only grandmothers should know
  • It will be finished when it's finished
  • Grandmothers plan for the long haul
  • If it can't be done one way, it can be done some other way
  • After you give people something, it belongs to them
  • For grandmothers, the light doesn't have to be perfect.

Written with warmth, wit, and wisdom, this straightforward guide to grandmothering is based on the principles that all grandmothers need to know. These principles — commonsense aphorisms ranging from "The grandmother way is the easy way" to "Grandmothers don't have to be politically correct" — teach women how to think like grandmothers and discover the grandmotherly way to handle any situation that comes along in their lives. In the past women learned these skills by observing their own grandmothers. But in today's highly mobile society, fewer and fewer women have access to grandmother "role models." And that is why author Suzette Haden Elgin, an experienced grandmother of ten, has written this inspiring, information-filled book.

She covers all aspects of grandmothering, including:

* Mediating family arguments* Learning the art of growing old gracefully* Saying no without feeling guilty* Coping with emergencies* Managing resources-money, time, and energy* Being a long-distance grandmother* Keeping the family history* Teaching crafts to grandchildren

Dozens of sidebars provide invaluable tips on topics as diverse as traveling with kids, wonderful gifts that can be made on a copying machine, and the best grandparenting sites on the Internet. Illustrated with delightful cartoons that underscore the joys and challenges of grandmotherhood, The Grandmother Principles is an indispensable reference for — and a great comfort to — grandmothers of all ages and experience.

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