The Journey

Plateosaurus Special Edition with poster

By Matteo Bacchin, Marco Signore

Release Date
Format Hardcover 64 pages 7.69 x 11.25 inches All pages in full-color, plus 22 X 29 inch color poster
Category Kids
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-015-9
Other Formats Hardcover

The first volume in a series of six comic-book adventures that bring the dinosaurs back to life. This special edition includes a 22 X 29 inch "Timeline of the Dinosaurs' World" poster.

Recommended for 9 years and up

In Abbeville’s new Dinosaurs series, a talented artist and a noted paleontologist have teamed up to re-create the vanished world of the dinosaurs for young readers. Each volume in the series tells the story, in comic-book form, of a different dinosaur living in its particular geological time and place. The narrative is entertaining, while all the details of the dinosaur’s behavior and its encounters with other species are rendered with scientific accuracy. At the back of each volume, meanwhile, are several short essays, abundantly illustrated with original drawings and photographs of fossils, that explain more about the creatures and geographical settings encountered in the comic.

The Journey, the first title in the series, takes place in the late Triassic period, 210 million years ago, in the northern part of the supercontinent Pangaea. It follows the dangerous trek of a plateosaurus—a giant herbivore—and her hatchlings in search of food.


"These books have great individualized forewords, a dinosaur evolutionary tree, and extensive informative essays dealing with the geography, flora and fauna, and other matters of the time period covered." -- School Library Journal


"... a six-part graphic series grounded in science facts but told partially through fiction. Although the large-format books are aimed at young dino aficionados... the text won't bore adults." -- Science News

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